Library Publishing Directory

The Library Publishing Directory provides an annual snapshot of the publishing activities of academic and research libraries, including information about the number and types of publications they produce, the services they offer authors, how they are staffed and funded, and their future plans. In documenting the breadth and depth of activities in this field, this resource aims to articulate the unique value of library publishing; establish it as a significant and growing community of practice; and to raise its visibility within a number of stakeholder communities, including administrators, funding agencies, other scholarly publishers, librarians, and content creators.

Specifically, the Directory:

  • Introduces readers to the growing field of library publishing and helps articulate its unique characteristics as a distinctive “publishing field.”
  • Facilitates collaboration among library publishers and other publishing entities, especially the university presses and learned societies that share their values.
  • Alerts authors of scholarly content to a range of potential publishing partners dedicated to supporting their experimentation with new forms of scholarly communication and open access business models.
  • Enables benchmarking and identification of trends in the field.

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Job Board

The LPC maintains a list of jobs that incorporate library publishing roles. To be included in this list, the position must be located administratively in a library, or report directly to a library-based supervisor. The primary function(s) of the position must directly engage in the creation, dissemination, and/or curation of scholarly, creative, and/or educational works. Administrative positions that do not directly engage in these functions may be included if they include supervisory responsibility primarily for employees who are performing these functions. If you’d like to add a posting, please contact us.

Note: Job Board posts are still being migrated from our previous website. Check back or contact us for access to the full archive. 

07/16/18Library Publishing SpecialistUniversity of Texas, ArlingtonArlington, TX
06/14/18Associate Dean of Libraries–Digital StrategySimon Fraser UniversityBurnaby, BC
04/05/18Digital Publishing LibrarianColumbia UniversityNew York, NY
03/23/18Community Manager, FulcrumUniversity of MichiganAnn Arbor, MI
03/07/18Sales and Marketing DirectorUniversity of MichiganAnn Arbor, MI
03/06/18Librarian, Scholarly Communication (Assistant or Associate)University of ArizonaTuscon, AZ
02/22/18OER Publishing CoordinatorSUNY GeneseoGeneseo, NY
02/15/18Head, Library Publishing and Digital Production ServicesUniversity of AlbertaEdmonton, Alberta
02/05/18Scholarly Communications OfficerSeattle UniversitySeattle, WA
01/19/18Digital Publishing and Copyright LibrarianUniversity of DelawareNewark, Delaware
01/11/18User Experience and Project Management LibrarianIUPUIIndianapolis, IN
01/11/18Library FellowValparaiso UniversityValparaiso, Indiana
11/10/17Associate Dean for Curation, Publishing and Preservation ServicesGrand Valley State UniversityAllendale, MI
10/18/17Scholarly Communications LibrarianWest Virginia UniversityMorgantown, WV
10/04/17Digital Publishing LeadGeorge Mason UniversityFairfax, VA
10/04/17Scholarly Communication and Open Access Publishing LeadGeorge Mason UniversityFairfax, VA
10/04/17Scholarly Communications LibrarianButler UniversityIndianapolis, IN
10/03/17Scholarly Sharing StrategistOhio State UniversityColumbus, OH
08/21/17Publications & Support SpecialistPublic Knowledge ProjectBurnaby, British Columbia
07/17/17Assistant Director for Scholarly Communication & ProjectsColumbia UniversityNew York, NY
06/16/17Scholarly Communication/Open Access Publishing ManagerAmerican Theological Library AssociationChicago, IL
06/12/17Assistant/Associate Librarian – Digital Publishing Project Librarian (Open Rank)Texas Tech UniversityLubbock,TX
03/28/17Associate Dean, Content Management and Scholarly CommunicationsKansas State UniversityManhattan, KS
01/11/17Journals and Serials Strategic ManagerPurdue University PressWest Lafayette, Indiana

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Professional Development Guide

The Library Publishing Professional Development Guide compiles training and professional development materials (including courses, webinars, readings, and fee-based programs) for library publishers.

The production of this guide is sponsored and coordinated by the LPC’s Professional Development Committee, which bears primary responsibility for assessing professional development needs and planning and implementing professional development and training opportunities for LPC members throughout the year. The guide is hosted by the University of Kentucky Libraries.

Please send questions, comments, and suggestions to both Adrian Ho at the University of Kentucky Libraries and Melanie Schlosser at LPC.

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Shared Documentation

The LPC supports the development of common practices by assembling model documents such as MOUs, author agreements, and position descriptions from participating institutions. Member institutions are encouraged to contribute documentation. Please see the policies and procedures for the shared documentation.

MEMBER-ONLY CONTENT: While the contributing institution name and document title are displayed publicly in the list below, the documents themselves are only visible to LPC members. If you work at a member institution and would like to access the documentation portal, email us to request a website account.

DateTitleContributorContent Type
12/22/17Contribution Publication AgreementUniversity of North TexasMOUs & Contracts
11/09/17Libraries Journal Hosting AgreementUniversity of North TexasMOUs & Contracts
09/29/17Independent Contractor Copyright AgreementUniversity of North TexasMOUs & Contracts
07/30/17Publishing AgreementUniversity of North TexasMOUs & Contracts
07/30/17Publishing Agreement for ReprintsUniversity of North TexasMOUs & Contracts
05/31/17Print Run AgreementUniversity of North TexasMOUs & Contracts
12/09/16Procedure: Assigning Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)Ohio State UniversityProcedures & Checklists
08/07/13Open Journal Systems (OJS) Quick Reference GuideUniversity of North TexasProcedures & Checklists
08/07/13E-Journal Project Starter ToolkitUniversity of North TexasProcedures & Checklists
08/07/13A Guide for Starting a Scholarly Open Access E-JournalUniversity of North TexasProcedures & Checklists
07/18/13ValpoScholar (IR) Faculty and Staff ChecklistValparaiso UniversityProcedures & Checklists
07/09/13E-Journal Hosting AgreementVirginia TechMOUs & Contracts
07/09/13E-Journal Hosting AgreementUniversity of North Carolina, GreensboroMOUs & Contracts
07/09/13E-Journal Hosting AgreementOhio State UniversityMOUs & Contracts
07/09/13E-Journal Hosting AgreementUniversity of ArizonaMOUs & Contracts
07/09/13E-Journal Hosting AgreementTulane UniversityMOUs & Contracts
07/09/13E-journal hosting agreement from the George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of FloridaUniversity of FloridaMOUs & Contracts
07/09/13Library Services for Creating and Publishing Student Research Journals Appendix 2: Issues to ConsiderUniversity of KentuckyProcedures & Checklists
07/09/13Application Form for New JournalsCalifornia Digital LibraryProcedures & Checklists

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The Library Publishing Coalition (LPC) conducts targeted research to document the current range of library publishing activities (including costs, staffing, and how libraries are financing these ventures); refine justification and positioning for library-based publishing activities; align library activities in this area with university needs and goals; and help additional libraries to envision and develop publishing services programs.

The Research Committee coordinates research priorities, facilitates inter-institutional collaboration on projects, and provides guidance for researchers affiliated with the LPC.

The committee also administers the annual Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Library Publishing.

Current Projects

Developing a Curriculum to Advance Library-Based Publishing (IMLS, 2016-2018).
This project seeks to design and implement a competency-based, synchronous and asynchronous curriculum for library publishing.


The LPC’s Professional Development Committee coordinates a regular webinar series to provide opportunities to share knowledge, discuss on-the-ground experiences, and build on community expertise. Webinar recordings are made openly available here.

02/01/18Best practices in open access publishing
01/17/18Copyright and Creative Commons: Publishing with open licenses
12/12/17Creating Accessible PDFs
09/07/ for Web Annotation
07/27/17ORCID in Publishing Workflows
01/25/17Maximizing Discovery and Impact of Scholarly Monographs in the OA Era: Barriers and Opportunities​
11/15/16Open Access Presses
10/19/16OA Journal Publishing: DOAJ Indexing and Best Practice
06/21/16Manifold: Open Source Publishing Platform for Digital Editions
05/24/16Working with Publication Agreements
04/26/16Analytics for Library Publishers
03/09/16Accessibility and Usability for Web Publications
02/17/16XML Document Parsing & Publishing: PKP Smarter Scholarly Texts Project
01/28/16Getting Your Copyright Ducks in a Row
12/09/15Submission Management for Library Publishers
10/19/15Open, Networked Textbooks: Building an Ecosystem

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Publishers and Service Providers

LPC’s Publishers and Service Providers List includes vendors, hosting platforms, and other types of service providers who are interested in working with the community of library publishers. While some of the organizations listed are also sponsors of the Library Publishing Forum or the LPC, sponsorship is not necessary for inclusion on the list.

Any organization that meets the criteria for the Publishers and Service Providers Program can ask to be included on the list. List information is provided by the participants and is not verified by the LPC. List information is updated annually, or throughout the year on request. Inclusion on the list does not constitute an endorsement by the LPC or any of its members.

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Library Publishing Bibliography

The Library Publishing Bibliography provides an evidence base to inform best practices in and demonstrate the impact of library publishing. It is updated annually in the summer. Recent citations are displayed below, and the full bibliography is maintained in Zotero.

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