Membership Application

This information may be shared with the Library Publishing Coalition (LPC)’s membership committee and board but will not be used publicly.

We welcome library publishers of all shapes and sizes in the LPC. Your answers to these questions do not determine your eligibility for membership, but rather assist us in matching LPC’s activities to your goals. We use the information gathered in this survey to help connect you to other institutions and to ensure that the LPC’s activities serve the needs of our members.

The LPC welcomes libraries from around the world. We comply with U.S. regulations and sanctions and cannot admit libraries in nations where U.S. trade sanctions apply.

Member benefits are listed here. Membership in the LPC is by institution and dues are $2,000 USD per year.

Are you directly responsible for publishing activities; are publishing activities in your reporting line?
Goals for specific kinds of publication types or services, goals for meeting needs within your university or organization, goals for academic libraries and scholarly communications in general, etc.
Specific services or benefits you hope to derive from membership. If no specific benefits drive this decision, other considerations that led your organization to apply.