Member Guide

Resources and Activities

Library Publishing Directory

The Library Publishing Directory provides a snapshot of the publishing activities of over 115 academic and research libraries, including information about the number and types of publications they produce, their services, funding sources, and their future plans. The Directory is published openly in PDF, EPUB, and web-based versions. The web-based version offers full-text search and filtering of responses based on a range of criteria such as publishing platform, publication type, and partners.

Library Publishing Forum

The LPC hosts an annual conference for library publishers.

LPC Website (

The LPC website hosts news, announcements, and a variety of resources created by the LPC community. Log-in is required to view select resources, such as the Documentation Portal (described below). User accounts on the LPC website are managed by institutions and are tied to the e-mail address of the voting representative. Log in to the website, reset your password, or manage your profile at

Documentation Portal

The LPC supports the development of common practices by assembling model documents such as MOUs, author agreements, and position descriptions from participating institutions. The Documentation Portal is accessible to logged-in LPC members.

Job Board

The Library Publishing Job Board is a searchable archive of position descriptions for jobs that incorporate library publishing roles. The board lists both open and filled positions. To be included, the position must be located administratively in a library, or report directly to a library-based supervisor, and the primary function(s) of the position must directly engage in the creation, dissemination, and/or curation of scholarly, creative, and/or educational works.


The LPC's Committee coordinates research priorities, facilitates inter-institutional collaboration on projects, and provides guidance for researchers affiliated with the LPC. Information about the LPC's current and planned research activities is maintained on the website.

Communications and Governance

E-Mail List (LPC-L)

Participants are encouraged to post to the LPC's e-mail list, The list is open only to LPC members and is moderated by the Program Director. Members frequently post questions about library publishing practices, calls for papers or presentations, conference announcements, library publishing and scholarly communications news, and information about LPC activities and resources. 

Quarterly Updates

News about the LPC's latest activities and upcoming projects is described in our Quarterly Updates. The Program Director files quarterly updates on the website.


The LPC's bylaws govern participation in the organization. The complete text of the bylaws is maintained on the website.


Each LPC member appoints one voting representative to vote in board elections and on other organizational decisions. Voting is conducted via electronic ballot.


The LPC Board oversees the governance, organizational structure, bylaws, and the review and direction of the membership of the LPC. This group provides guidance on critical decisions, formalizes documentation, and ensures that projects make progress towards their goals. The LPC Board is made up of elected representatives from among the membership. LPC representatives are invited to attend the Board's quarterly "Office Hours," optional one-hour meetings to hear updates from the Board and to share questions, concerns, and suggestions. 

Committees and Task Forces

The LPC's standing Committees bear responsibility for producing the organization's deliverables and providing oversight for its operations. Any staff members from an LPC Member institution may serve on a Committee. The LPC Board appoints Committee Members and oversees their work.