As participation in library publishing grows, the development of a strong evidence base to inform best practices and demonstrate impact is essential. To encourage research and theoretical work about library publishing services (for a definition of “library publishing”, see the LPC website), the Library Publishing Coalition is pleased to support the Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Library Publishing, which recognizes an impactful contribution to the field of library publishing in the preceding calendar year. The LPC Research Committee will evaluate submissions and select a recipient for the award. Winners will be officially announced in the spring and be recognized at the annual Library Publishing Forum.

The award recipients will receive a cash award of $250, a complimentary registration to the Library Publishing Forum, and a $500 travel stipend to attend the Forum. The awardee will also have an opportunity to present their work to the community. 

Nominations may be made either by the author(s) or by any employee of an LPC member institution. Nominated author(s) do not need to be affiliated with an LPC member institution. The deadline for nominations is January 19, 2020.


  • Originality: Submissions must present original research, theory, or practice. 
  • Date: Submissions must have been published during the 2019 calendar year.
  • Format: We define publication broadly, to include research outputs such as an article, monograph, conference paper/proceeding, white paper/report, blog post, thesis/dissertation, multimodal digital project, dataset, etc.
  • Open Access: Submissions must be freely available and accessible online (either via open access publishing or archiving in an open access repository) at the time of nomination.
  • Peer Review: Given the broad definition of “publication” in this process, submissions need not have undergone traditional peer review. However, a form of peer review appropriate for the type of work in question is required. Nominations must briefly describe the review process used for the submission.
  • Relevance: Submissions must address a topic or question directly related to library publishing services.
  • Author Teams: Submissions with multiple authors are eligible; however, only one cash prize and one Forum registration/travel stipend will be awarded.

Nomination Process

Nominations should be submitted through the nomination form by January 19, 2020.

Evaluation Guidelines

Nominated publications will be evaluated, and an award recipient selected by the LPC Research Committee based on the following criteria:

  • The relevance and/or meaningful application to library publishing services of any conceptual framework(s) introduced;
  • The appropriateness of any methodology and its execution;
  • The organization of the work and clarity of the writing;
  • The significance of the findings/conclusion. Examples include (but are not limited to):
    • The immediate utility of the work for library publishing programs
    • The strength of findings that demonstrate value or impact of library publishing services
    • The likelihood that the work will change or influence practice

Email with questions.

Previous Awardees

2019: McCready, K.; Molls, E. Developing a Business Plan for a Library Publishing Program. _Publications_ 2018, 6, 42.

2018: Tracy, D. (2017). Libraries as Content Producers: How Library Publishing Services Address the Reading Experience. College & Research Libraries, 78(2)

2017: Roh, C., & Inefuku, H. (2016). Agents of Diversity and Social Justice: Librarians and Scholarly Communication. In K. Smith & K. A. Dickson (Eds.), Open Access and the Future of Scholarly Communication: Policy and Infrastructure (pp. 107–128). Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield. (edited)

2016: Okerson, A., & Holzman, A. (2015). The Once and Future Publishing Library. Washington, DC: Council on Library and Information Resources.