These discussions take place approximately every other month, and each one has a specified topic, an LPC member co-facilitator, and at least one guest. They are informal (no presentations, no recordings), and are designed to give the LPC community an opportunity to discuss a topic of interest, as well as to identify opportunities for collaboration and areas that need further investigation or programming. Roundtable discussions are open to all staff at member institutions. If you have ideas for topics, or are interested in serving as a co-moderator, please contact Melanie Schlosser

Upcoming Roundtables

September 29th, 12:00-1:00pm EDT: Preservation (co-sponsored by NASIG and MetaArchive)

  • Moderator: Wendy Robertson (University of Iowa, NASIG)
  • Guests: Ted Westervelt (Library of Congress), Bronwen Sprout (University of British Columbia, PKP), Katherine Skinner (Educopia Institute), Sam Meister (MetaArchive Cooperative)
  • To RSVP, see the LPC member email list announcement or contact Melanie Schlosser. Members of NASIG and MetaArchive are invited to attend this discussion - please look for an announcement. 
  • About: This is a chance to talk about what LPC members are doing to preserve the content they publish, as well as to learn about some preservation-related programs in our space. Guests and attendees will help us identify ways that the LPC can support its members in preserving their content, and opportunities to partner with other organizations to further the goal of a stable scholarly record. We hope that this will also inspire local conversations, so please feel free to invite staff working on preservation issues elsewhere in your library to attend. 

Past Roundtables

July 20th, 3:00-4:00pm EDT: Digital Scholarship and Library Publishing

  • Co-moderators: Harriett Green (University of Illinois) and Laurie Taylor (University of Florida)
  • Guests: Brian Rosenblum (University of Kansas), Curtis Small (University of Delaware, Colored Conventions), Sarah Patterson (University of Massachusetts, Colored Conventions)
  • About: Clifford Lynch wrote in Rethinking Institutional Repository Strategies: Report of a CNI Executive Roundtable, "The Digital Humanities/IR relationship is very important. For faculty aggressively embracing DH work, and producing new genres of scholarly output that don’t fit within the existing publishing (and hence stewardship and preservation) systems, the ability to shift access and preservation of their work into an institutional setting is essential to legitimizing this work." Digital scholarship presents a similar set of challenges and opportunities to library publishers. How can we support scholars in creating complex digital products? What does library publishing bring to the table in this area? How does unique digital scholarship fit into our strategies for scalability and sustainability? What does it mean to 'publish' a digital scholarship project, anyway? Please join us for an exploratory conversation about the current digital scholarship landscape, the opportunities for library publishers, and the needs of scholars and librarians related to this emerging area of practice. 

May 26th, 12:00-12:45 EDT: Across the Great Divide: Library/Press Collaborations

February 23rd, 12:00-12:45 EST: OA Publication Quality (with OASPA and DOAJ)

  • Co-moderator: Micah Vandegrift (Florida State University)
  • Guests: Claire Redhead (OASPA), Judith Barnsby (DOAJ
  • About: Ensuring the quality of open access publications is a challenge, and the best way(s) to do it is a perennial topic of discussion among librarians, publishers, and scholars. These discussions have taken on a new urgency with the demise of Beall’s list of predatory open access publishers. LPC community members publish OA scholarship, educate faculty and students on navigating the OA publishing landscape, and support organizations that provide guidance to and infrastructure for OA publications. We have a unique perspective on the issue of OA quality, and this roundtable will give us an opportunity to share our thoughts with each other and with other leaders in this space. Please join Melanie Schlosser (LPC), Micah Vandegrift (co-moderator), Claire Redhead (OASPA), and Judith Barnsby (DOAJ) for a discussion about ensuring OA quality and the implications for our work going forward.