Strategic Affiliates Program

Note, 7/3/17: We have recently updated our Strategic Affiliates Program - see below for details. Our original list of Strategic Affiliates is still included at the bottom of the page. Check back for an updated list based on the new program.

To facilitate collaboration and open communication, the Library Publishing Coalition welcomes peer organizations as Strategic Affiliates. 
Eligibility: To be eligible for affiliate status, an organization must be membership-based, must have a focal area in scholarly communications, and must have substantial engagement with libraries, publishers, or both. It must also provide an equivalent affiliate opportunity (formal or informal) within its organization for the LPC. We encourage interested organizations who do not meet the criteria for the Strategic Affiliates Program to look at our Publishers and Service Providers Program
Benefits: One or more staff members (or elected leadership, in the case of organizations that do not have paid staff) of the affiliate organization may enroll in the LPC’s member email list and may attend webinars, roundtables, and other non-fee-based, member-only events. 
Other engagement: We work with our strategic affiliates to identify other benefits and engagement opportunities on a case-by-case basis. These may take the form of collaborative projects (e.g. joint task forces or collaboratively developed professional development opportunities), negotiated one-off benefits for members (e.g. scholarship opportunities or discounted event registrations), negotiated ongoing benefits for members (e.g. membership fee waivers or discounts). Negotiated benefits and planned collaborations will be included in the strategic affiliate memorandum of understanding (MOU). 
Fees: Strategic affiliates do not pay any fees or membership dues. 
How to apply: Organizations interested in coming strategic affiliates of the LPC should email Melanie Schlosser. The LPC Board is responsible for determining eligibility for the program and approving MOUs. 


Previous Strategic Affiliates Program

Through its original Strategic Affiliates Program, LPC welcomed a range of affiliate organizations, including publishers, service providers, nonprofit organizations, and other related entities. These organizations were instrumental in helping the nascent Coalition to map the scholarly communications landscape and to build relationships with other organizations in our space.