The Library Publishing Coalition (LPC) promotes the development of innovative, sustainable publishing services in academic and research libraries to support scholars as they create, advance, and disseminate knowledge.


Library publishing services play a critical role in scholarly communications. We exist to advocate for their creation and articulate their value for faculty, students, staff, and other library stakeholders. We believe that, to flourish, library publishing as a community of practice needs organized leadership to address articulated needs, such as targeted training and education, better and increased communication and collaboration, new research, and shared documentation. We recognize that library and other nonprofit publishers have common interests and concerns. We believe that a coalition that facilitates sustained dialog among university and college libraries, university presses, scholarly societies, and other mission-related publishers enables us to respond to changes in the scholarly communication ecosystem more quickly and efficiently and in innovative ways.


The LPC serves the library publishing community by:

  • Hosting an annual forum where libraries with an interest in digital publishing services may communicate to the broader field about their activities and goals, and with one another about developments in library publishing.
  • Compiling a library publishing directory that defines the field and supports libraries in the creation and enhancement of publishing services.
  • Conducting new research that addresses specific, practical concerns.
  • Building relationships with other organizations in the scholarly communications and library fields.
  • Developing advocacy and awareness materials and programs that articulate the unique value of library publishing.
  • Providing training and learning opportunities for professionals and students to develop needed skills and competencies.
  • Gathering statistics that track trends, needs, and developments in the field.
  • Exploring collective purchasing arrangements that allow libraries to effectively use resources.
  • Developing collective marketing strategies that build exposure for library publishers.